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There's a 'strange light' in Longview skies...have you seen it?

Hope your day is going well and that you're enjoying our beautiful spring weather!

Here's some of what we're working on for you in the KLTV newsroom this afternoon:

Occasionally, we get calls from viewers saying they've seen unusual and unexplained objects in the night sky, and most can be explained. However, a Kilgore man thinks he may have captured the real thing on camera! KLTV's Bob Hallmark has more on this man's video that raises more questions than it answers. We'll show you that tonight at 6 p.m.

Now, have you ever wondered what you would do if someone was trespassing on your property during the night? Would you confront that person, or call the police, or just hope they'd go away? Well, our Samantha Jordan spoke today to a man who says he was threatened by a trespasser on his property last night, and he boldly confronted him. Hear how it happened and what the results were tonight at 5 when Samantha shares his story.

We've learned today that an ETX courthouse could be closing its doors; the federal government has released a list of 60 court sites they're considering closing based on cost of operation, usage, and location. Four other Texas courthouses are also on the list; more on that at 5.

The President was in Oklahoma today to announce his plan to 'fast track' permits for the southern portion of the Keystone Pipeline. This is the same oil pipeline that would go right through East Texas. Our Bethany Moore will explain how this announcement will affect pipeline construction plans in our area.

Also, Dr. Ed Dominguez joins us during the news at 5 to discuss the new guidelines regarding using (or not using) antibiotics to treat sinus infections. Many of you are likely affected by allergy-related sinus infections during this time of the year, so you will be interested to learn what Dr. Ed has to say to you about treating those annoying, sometimes miserable, infections.

On we just posted a story from Van Zandt county where the SPCA has seized 35 animals  (22 dogs, 11 cats, one pig and one goat) from a puppy mill. The conditions were awful, according to the SPCA, who sent along pictures from the scene. You can find that right here on our website.

Also, a late night collision claims the life of a young Longview man, and we'll share that sad story tonight at 6; it's also on our website.

We've also learned that two ETX women have pleaded guilty to fraudulently preparing clients' tax returns; you can read that story for names and other details here.

We'll be livestreaming tonight at 5 and 6 on; you don't have to miss a thing when you're away from your television! Just click here to be taken to our site.  

We'll see you soon!

Stephanie Frazier

KLTV Community Web Producer



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