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Better East Texas: Narrowing the GOP candidate field

By Pat Stacey

It is time to narrow the field of presidential hopefuls in the Republican primary. 

Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul have given the process a valiant fight but it is time for the field to narrow to 2 – Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum.  Continuing with the two front runners will allow more Republicans in the states yet to vote in the primary to weigh in on what the party should be focusing on. 

If Santorum can keep the race going a while longer, he will probably win a few more states in the south.  That will keep the probable candidate Romney focused on listening to voters in the states that he is not the strongest in.  Take Texas for example, it is highly unlikely that there will still be a race for the Republican nomination come May 29th – the date of the Texas primary, but we can and are being heard right now as both Romney and Santorum are holding fund raising events and soliciting support in the Lone Star State.  It may not be as loud as a primary voice but it is all we will have this year. 

The primary process is one that should gather momentum and focus as time goes on until one candidate emerges and is placed on the national ballot in November.  Until that process picks up steam, President Obama will gather momentum and money and ready himself for the general election fight.  So it is time for the republicans to shed 2 of the 4.  It will set the stage for an exciting campaign and make for a Better East Texas.

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