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03/18/04 - Longview

Iraq War Remembered By Kilgore Soldier

    24 year old Jon Mason is back home in Kilgore starting his new civilian life, and remembering the past year and his experiences in the war in Iraq. "I've heard people say we shouldn't be over there but it was bound to happen sooner or later, we'd go back and if we hadn't gone back this time we'd return again and again," says Mason.

     Mason did a 6 month tour with the Armys first brigade mechanized division, and is proud of the way his unit served... but resents anti-war sentiment. "People always change their colors during times like this, they want you to handle it but the moment something bad happens they say not again."

     His family worried that he would be among those that didn't return, but understood how important it was for men like him to be in Iraq. Mason worries most know that people are not getting the full story of how Americans are helping the people of Iraq.

  "We've been helping people , rebuilding establishments, helping schools out." Still convinced it was right... But for him its over. Mason is currently employed as a guard at the Bradshaw state jail facility.

Bob Hallmark, reporting.

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