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Should residents along the Azalea Trail remove political signs?


With more than 100,000 tourists expected to attend this year's Azalea Trail, Tyler's Chamber of Commerce has asked residents along the trail to remove all political signs from their yards.

"We're just asking people to be hospitable and friendly to our visitors and to help us with the event so that the trail shows the true beauty that it is," explained Chief Operating Officer Henry Bell.

Sue McGuire's yard has appeared in Southern Living magazine, and is a popular photo op along the Azalea Trail.

"We have two signs up for Don Rust, and we had said that we would take them down just during the Azalea Trail because so many people take pictures," McGuire said. 

Neighbor Jake Ross, is sporting a campaign sign in his yard as well, but said he has no problem removing it for the duration of the trail.

"The Azalea Trails is something thousands of people come to see. I think everybody should be able to put away their political situation in order to focus on what makes Tyler...Tyler," Ross said.

Candidate Matt Schaefer is having a little fun with the chamber's request.

"I really think this is a matter of taste, and people have been telling me that my signs make the azaleas look better," he said with a smile. 

Schaefer also pointed out one of his own signs in his yard near the white azaleas.
"People tell me this looks very statesman-like," Schaefer said, referring to his blue and white color scheme. 

Like the majority of people on the trail, Schaefer said he had no problem with residents removing his signs... as long as they have them back up after the trail on April 9.

Now, the Chamber of Commerce is not requiring anyone to remove their signs. They are just requesting the residents who live directly on the trail to take them down temporarily until the trail is over. 

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