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Sabine River expected to crest in the next two days


Sabine River Authorities say flooding is expected along the river over between now and Friday, with a projected crest of around 28 feet in some areas.

One area in imminent danger is the stretch of the river bottoms running from the Gladewater bridge at Highway 271 to the low area off of River Road, south of White Oak, which has been flooded multiple times over the past 20 years.

Residents near the river say they are prepared to take on the rising waters.

River authorities say the Sabine will crest sometime over the next two days, possibly flooding areas adjacent. Something river residents have become used to over decades of experience.

"A lot of times you had to go plumb to Gilmer to come back into Gladewater. You had to have boats to get around," says river resident, Roosevelt Faggett.

The crest could again floods roadways and even homes, trapping residents.

Luther Andrews has lived by the Sabine for 16 years.

"If I've got that kind of problem, I'm gone," says Andrews, "I understand you don't have flood insurance, you take what you can and you get out.'

The people that live near the river or the river bottoms are prepared for this kind of thing every time it happens, most of them have boats, and if they have to, they'll evacuate until the water goes down."

"We know a lot of them and they are really used to this, they're used to the water levels coming up  they're very prepared," says Gladewater Police Chief Farrell Alexander, "I've been here at Gladewater for 20 years and I've never had to rescue one."

They've been through it many times, some having lost every thing in floods past. But they still come back, because they love living by the river.

Some have had families lose everything in floods, and generations have lived along the banks. But for most, moving never enters their minds.

The flood stage for the Sabine in Gregg County is officially 23-feet, but the river authority is predicting as much as a 28 foot crest in some places.

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