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Constables bust moonshine operation in Smith County


As many as five people could be charged after a moonshine bust in Smith County. 

About 50 gallons worth of moonshine was found during a raid Wednesday morning in 9,300 block of County Road 2301, just east of Chapel Hill in Smith County. 

Constable Dennis Taylor says the content of the plastic container, consisted of materials used to make moonshine.

"I can't even smell the stuff. The smell knocks me down," said Taylor. 

About 50 gallons of moonshine were uncovered during the raid. Taylor says a single jar is worth around $100. 

"We're taking a dent," said Taylor. "We're getting these two stills, not the alcohol. These two stills is where the alcohol is coming from. These two right here." 

Investigators say three houses within a 10 mile radius were searched in connection to the moonshine operation. 

According to authorities, Donald Clark's home in the 9,300 block of County Road 2301, is where majority of the moonshine is made. 

Wednesday, Taylor served a search warrant to the suspect's wife, detailing what was uncovered on the property. 

From the home's balcony, Clark's wife said her husband, was not making the moonshine for profit, only to drink. At first, she agreed to an interview, then changed her mind. 

"I've been advised not to talk to y'all," she said. 

Investigators say they have proof that Clark was using this elaborate operation for profit.

About four months ago, authorities say they found a teenager passed out on the side of a road after drinking moonshine. Authorities say his tip of where he bought the moonshine led them to Clark's house. 

As their investigation continues, Taylor says they need these questions answered.

"Is there anybody else making alcohol? Moonshine? Are there any other stills in Smith County? Who all have you sold to that we didn't run a search warrant on? Things like that?," asked Taylor.  

Clark was arrested on a charge of disorderly conduct after Constable Taylor witnessed Clark making threats to our news crew and attempting to hit, or acting as if he was going to hit our news vehicle with his own car.  

Authorities say Clark faces other charges related to the moonshine raid Wednesday morning.
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