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Flooded roads force drivers to find alternate routes



In Van Zandt County, rushing water forced several roads and bridges to shut down early Tuesday morning. Right now, at least one of those roads are still blocked for your safety. 

About four inches of water still covers Hilliard Drive, off State Highway 198 in Canton. 

It doesn't happen very often, but when it does, rushing water is the sound neighbors here. It's what alerted them at 3 a.m. Tuesday that Hilliard Drive would be blocked. 
A swift stream of water rushed across Hilliard Drive, forcing drivers to turn around.

"Half a dozen sat there a while, trying to decide if they were going to go, and nobody did so that's a good thing," said Richard Broach, who was working in the area. 

"I've seen it come up to the bridge before, but not over the bridge like this," said Gary Garner, who works at a nursing home nearby. 
Garner walked through standing water, to let is eyes see, what his ears were hearing. 

"Oh yea. We heard it from over there and that's what made me come over here, to see how bad it was," said Garner. 

Mill Creek runs behind the nursing home, where Garner works.

"This creek horseshoes the nursing home," he said. "That's what I'm worried about." 

"It's roaring pretty loud you know. It's moving real good this time," said neighbor Chet Nix.

Nix says he hasn't seen the creek this full in years, causing drivers to find alternate routes. 

"Actually it's kind of good because it stops the traffic to stop quite a bit, but usually in the morning times there's a lot of traffic down here, but not this morning," said Nix. 

And from a very different perspective, Nix's chocolate lab named Shadow, seems to enjoy what the torrential rains have caused. 

"Oh yea! He went down in it this morning and played it in you know, but he didn't go way off in there and get in the current in there, he likes doing that," said Nix. 
The city leaves road blockades next to the creek, because it does tend to overflow from time to time. The city says the road will stay blocked until the water recedes. 
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