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Van Zandt County residents facing flooding issues


By Jamey Boyum

As a result of our recent slow-moving weather system, Van Zandt County looked like a swamp and some area roads looked like creeks. A few roads were closed until the water made its way downstream.

On County Road 4301, flowing water made travel difficult, but flooding was not the only weather-related problem in the area.

Last summer the dry conditions led to thousands of acres of scorched earth. Seven months later, East Texas has the opposite problem. After nearly a day of rain the water has found new places to flow, like along Van Zandt County Road 4301.

"I don't know how those people that live down there are going to get home. I guess they're just going to drive through the water real slow," said Tommy Thompson.

Tommy Thompson has to make his way down these roads to keep his customers' phone lines up.  He says it's been over seven years since he's seen the water this high in the area. 

Earlier on FM 858, just a few miles from 4301, water flowed over the bridge, but as the rains slowed, the level dropped and the bridge was safe to cross.

In Canton several roads were closed due to the same problem, but residents in one neighborhood had an alternate way out. Richard Roach saw several drivers contemplating crossing.

"Half a dozen have sat there a while trying to decide if they were going to go, and nobody did. That's a good thing," he observed.

Around midnight, residents of a home on Tower Street were awakened to half of a tree slamming into their home.

"The way it's discolored right there, they think the lightning hit it. The wind or the lightning," the resident stated.

His insurance company representative had seen the damage, but he's still waiting on the adjuster.

The City of Canton was lucky in a few respects; the rain eventually came to an end, and First Monday Trade Days was a few weeks ago, so they didn't have to change their name to Venice Trade Days.

Creeks in Van Zandt County are no longer spilling over bridges. Residents say Mill Creek, which runs through Canton, usually floods a few times a year.

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