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Oil pumper fears oil wells have over flooded, leaking oil


Several Farm to Market and County Roads in Wood County became invisible, covered by floodwaters, forcing authorities to block them off.

Parts of FM 69 and County Road 1410 got hit pretty severely, placing the roads four feet under.

The sound of rushing water, sending people to try to find alternative routes to their destinations.

"I have to wait, or I can make a detour, it's about 35 miles around, that's what I've been doing all morning, is making detours," says oil pumper, Jimmy Curry.  

Curry started his travels early this morning trying to get to his oil wells around Wood County.

"I traveled 24 miles around this road this morning, trying to get to the wells down from the road here, but I can't get to it," says Curry.

Afraid that his wells have over flooded with a mixture of oil and water, Curry says this flood could mean really bad news,"That's an environmental problem, if it gets in the creeks and the pond or anything like that, we're in bad trouble."

Besides the concern the water level will top off the oil wells, Curry says theirs even a greater fear. "It's hard for us pumper's to get on top of the tanks, especially with the lightning and stuff, I mean it will blow a tank in a heartbeat," warns Curry.  

Curry continues on with his plans tonight to check on his oil wells, one way or another.

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