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ETX storms bring lightning and fires


Lightning was a big problem in Tuesday's storms. Multiple Smith County houses and buildings were damaged by lightning from the storms.

Just before 11 a.m. Tuesday, a house on Yasmeen Circle in Flint, just west of Highway 69, caught fire when lightning struck the roof.

All it took was one strike to bust a hole through the attic and rip some of the shingles from the roof. Because of the fast actions of neighbors who called 911, the Bullard, Flint-Gresham and Noonday Fire Departments were able to keep the damage to a minimum.

Earlier Tuesday the same thing happened in northwest Smith County when lighting struck a home on County Road 42. While everyone got out safely, the home itself suffered a lot of damage.

Not far away, a lighting bolt destroyed the entire sanctuary at Hideaway Community Church.
The efforts of four volunteer fire departments salvaged the other buildings.

"We decided to go on the defensive on that and establish our priority as to stopping the fire at this breezeway as you can see over there, and keep it from getting into the educational area and gym area. Fortunately we were successful in that tactic," says Lindale Fire Chief Jerry Garner.

Even when the lighting stopped, the rain did not. Low laying places like a pasture on County Road 2868 now look more like a pond. While the embankment on the other side of the street tried to drain some water and give that pasture relief, the water just proved to be more than drains could handle.

Smith county officials say though the lightning was destructive, fortunately no injuries from the lightening or fires were reported.

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