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Counterfeit money circulating in ETX city


Henderson police have collected more than $10,000 worth of counterfeit hundred dollar bills.

"We've never seen the quality of the bill we have here in the dollar amount, and then with the serial numbers. At face value the bill looks pretty clean," said Lieutenant Craig Sweeney with the Henderson Police Department. 

They even passed the counterfeit detector pen test.

"Those counterfeit pens aren't fool proof. That means this bill was processed with chemical or spray or something that mimics my understanding to show that it's a real bill," Sweeney explained. 

Police said many counterfeiters print the same serial number on each bill, but not this counterfeiter. Every bogus bill had a different number, but something stood out to police.

"They were in sequence. It doesn't just happen out of the blue from Walmart or any other store," he explained. 

The fake bills also had legitimate red and blue fibers as well as watermarks, but there were some differences.

"If you take your fingernail and scratch along this area of the legitimate bill, you'll feel ridges that's not a won't feel it here," Sweeney said as he scratched the counterfeit bill.

Police traced the money back to a 79-year-old male who told them he had no idea the money was fake.

"This one particular fellow got involved and he befriended people. They would ask for favors and they would send him cash...what he thought was cash, and then he would send it to another location," Sweeney said. 

With the source in Henderson identified, police will now work with the Secret Service to backtrack these bills through evidence and hopefully find out where they are coming from.

Police told us they are still looking into this man's story, but so far no arrests have been made. 

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