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03/17/04 - Longview

Military Families Mark Almost a Year of Iraq War

  For one Longview man, the one year anniversary of the war leaves him with mixed emotions about his son's involvement in it, and wondering whether this country still needs to be there.  For Longview minister David Benson, the war in Iraq has been a source of soul searching; proud of having his son Stephen fighting in the battle for freedom, but saddened by the continuous loss of life from it.

    "Its a tragic cost, of course theres always a moral dilemma anytime there's war, how do you stop and retract, frightening from the point of that it could be your son your father your mother daughter" Benson says. The English born minister has ties to two democracies, and staunchly supports the right to freedom.

    "It seems that the people in Iraq have been benefited; they've been released from a tyrant, and thought there's people trying to stop progress there's an awful lot been achieved that we can be proud of our soldiers and sailors for".

    But, like many, he wants to know when we will make an end to it. "They're not playing same game as we are and they don't respect our rights at all, even though we're respecting their countries rights and want to build according to their rules and religion they don't respect our at all" says Benson.

    Benson was fortunate to preside over his son's wedding this summer, and with Stephen completing a second tour in Iraq on the U-S-S boxer, like all parents wants his son to come home safely.

Bob Hallmark reporting.

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