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ETX gas station loses pump in overnight car fire

An East Texas gas station is minus one pump this morning, but otherwise was not damaged by a car fire just after midnight.

It happened at the Exxon station in Lindale near the intersection of I-20 and Highway 110 at about 12:30 am.

Authorities say the Hudnell family was on the way back to Fort Worth from a spring break trip to Florida and stopped at the station after smelling smoke in their car.

"I've never seen anything like that I mean it's amazing how fast those things go up," said Bryce Hudnell, driver of the vehicle.

Hudnell and his family were heading back to Fort Worth from Florida when the unthinkable happened.

"The car started getting a little hot and we were a little shy on gas to get home so I figured there's a gas station lets pull off in here," said Hudnell.

By the time the family pulled into the gas station, Hudnell said the smoke started coming out from under the hood. That's when things took a turn for the worse.

"I would say within a minute the front of the cabin was engulfed in flames and probably within two minutes the entire thing was covered in flames," said Hudnell.

"The guy driving the vehicle did think quick enough to run over and hit the emergency shut offs in case the fire ruptured a hose," said Jerry Garner, Lindale Fire Department.

Eventually the fire spread to a gas pump and the entire vehicle.
"You know the sun still rises and God still provides and you don't always know the answers, but the sun came up today and we live to tell the story," said Hudnell.

No one was hurt in the fire.

The Hudnell family made it back to Fort Worth this morning.

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