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WEB EXCLUSIVE: Woman claims driveway was stolen

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - When Donna Lewis came home from work Tuesday in the 8500 block of Buncombe Rd. she noticed something was different. "And I noticed that half of my driveway was actually missing from the middle to the right side of the driveway," said Lewis.

Her first question was "Who would want to steal a driveway?"

Her second question was directed to the contractor who had just paved a new driveway in her neighbor's yard.

"I called the number and asked the gentleman…. we need to discuss this. And he said he knew his workers had caused some damage but he didn't know what it was," said Lewis.

Lewis was more than willing to show him, and wanted to meet with him. But according to Lewis the contractor has not been available, and denies that rocks were taken at all.

"I do have pictures that show it was dug up, I have the marks from the back-hoe," said Lewis as she pointed to several pictures she had printed.

The contractor's solution the next morning, according to Lewis, was far from satisfactory.

"So I go running out there and they are shoveling dirt into my driveway where there should have been rock," said Lewis.

Lewis asked another company for an estimate, and says the mishap will cost 1,600 dollars.

A report has been filed with the Caddo Sheriff's Office according to Lewis, but she says it's not clear whether this incident is a civil matter, or a criminal matter.

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