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Possible road rage causes wreck for 'spring breakers' passing through ETX

Happy Friday, everybody!

Here's what we're working on for you in the KLTV newsroom this afternoon:

A wreck this afternoon has sent four TCU students to the hospital, and police tell us that road rage might have been a factor in the incident. We'll give you the details tonight at 5, and we'll just remind you guys to calm down and slow down out there. Be safe, everyone.

Former CA Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has agreed to pay thousands of dollars to California's campaign finance watchdog agency after they looked into a complaint filed that the Governor spent $1.1million dollars in his campaign advertising that should have been used elsewhere. More on that at 5.

Every year around this time, people hope to be lucky enough to find a "pot o' gold." One robber in Charlotte thought he'd give it a try at the Pot O' Gold video parlor; you can see the video at 5 or online at KLTV of this robber having just a bit o' trouble trying to open that safe.

A new favorite restaurant around Tyler,  What About Kebab, will be in our kitchen on the set today, cooking up something delicious! Make sure to join us for that during the 5 tonight, and check out our In The Kitchen page on the website, where we  have many recipes from our kitchen guests and regulars ready for you 24/7.

At 6, we'll talk about the continually-rising price of gas (today prices are up for the seventh day in a row). KLTV's Annette Falconer shows us what you guys told us today around town as Annette spoke with you about the gas price increase and the effect it has had on your lives. (You can check out our local Pain at the Pump gas prices slideshow daily to find the lowest price in your area.)

We'll also have a very positive story for everyone who is struggling financially. A local woman by the name of Tara found herself in a desperate situation: her job isn't paying enough to support her family, so she began receiving food stamps. She read the fine print on the food stamps book, and something she read there inspired her to do something simple, but brilliant. Check out Tara's story as she visits with our Bob Hallmark tonight at 6.

We've been receiving lots of yard sale submissions for inclusion on our ETX Community Yard Sale List, so if you're planning to do some bargain  hunting this weekend, make sure you click here to go to the list. Hope it helps everyone out!

Also, head over to KLTVFaces.com to see pictures from last night's Texas College convocation. Lots of familiar faces, and you can download all our pictures at no charge, ever.

We'll see you soon! 

Stephanie Frazier

KLTV Community Web Producer

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