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WEB EXCLUSIVE: Many hope to find a pot o' gold, one man tried to steal it

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Many people hope to find a pot-o-gold. One man tried to steal it.

The Pots-O-Gold video parlor on Albemarle and North Sharon Amity in East Charlotte was open for business one morning when a man came riding up on a bicycle.

He rang the door bell and the 20-year old female manager let him in. But when inside, he pulled out a gun out and threatened the young woman.

She ran out into the parking lot.

"He came to the door and told her, if she didn't come in, he was going to shoot her out here in broad daylight," said Don Hardrick, the store's security guard.

When the woman insisted on staying outside, the gunman raced to the office, where he found a cash register.

Surveillance video shows him trying to open the till, but couldn't. So, he stepped back, fired his handgun and blew several holes in it.

He tried to get it open again, but again, it wouldn't budge.

So he fired several more shots. And again, he couldn't get it open.

Now, he's clearly frustrated and throws the cash register to the floor, hoping to smash it to bits. Still, it won't open.

The bad guy then finds a pocketbook with cash and car keys. They belong to the female manager.

He exits the store and jumps into the woman's car. But she wasn't about to let her car be stolen. She jumped in the passenger seat and fought with the thief.

"She started struggling with him, and somehow or other he got the gun back up and she jumped out of the car and started to run," said Hardrick, "and he fired at her twice out here in the parking lot." 

The woman was unhurt and quickly called police as he drove away with her car.

Police found the vehicle abandoned two blocks away. But the thief forgot something-- his bicycle.

Don Hardrick now has it in his possession and says he won't be giving it back.

Hardrick says, "I think he needs to be caught. I think he needs to be caught real fast."

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