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WEB EXCLUSIVE: Town hasn't paid for trash pickup in weeks, stink lingers

ATLANTIC BEACH, SC (WMBF) Atlantic Beach Mayor Retha Pierce says the town has not paid an outstanding trash pickup bill and that's why a company hasn't taken overflowing trash bins for almost three weeks.

A neighbor contacted WMBF News about the disgusting trash piles littering the streets of the town. A quick drive down a few streets revealed almost half of the trash cans are spilling over.

Many cans are filled with diapers, old crusty food and swarming flies. Some neighbors say the situation isn't just nasty, but it's a health risk.

Currence says the town has gotten behind with trash pickup before, but never for this length of time.

"This last time it's been sitting here so really it's starting to stink. Flies gather and it's just gross," said Currence.

Christina Sutton lives in a building with 10 occupants and she says they only have one trash bin.

"I told it to the girl at the receptionist desk and she went back and told the rest of them and they were laughing. This is no laughing matter," said Sutton.

Pierce says the check is ready for the company to pick up Thursday. She says trash should be picked up soon, but can't give an exact timeline.

"We're scheduled to catch up that bill this week and as far as I'm concerned the trash was supposed to be picked up this week Wednesday or today, so I'm waiting like everybody else," said Pierce.

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