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Cancer survivor worried about high gas prices


The pain at the pump has some East Texans worried about their personal pain. 



They're the dreadful signs we'd rather shield our eyes from, but are forced to look at everyday.

"It's pretty hard to get around. It costs money everyday to fill up, my equipment, my truck, my other truck," said Nestor Ramirez, owner of a landscaping company.  

Ramirez has no choice. His truck is his business, his livelihood. Ramirez says now they just work smarter. 

"We get our schedule and we kind of get our routine where first yards here, second yard is right down the road, around the corner, get them on a little routine. So that way we won't be coming all across town to do one yard and back to do another," said Ramirez.

"With gas prices on top on some of these medications," said Patricia Minter.

Minter is a stage three breast cancer survivor. She drives 50 miles weekly to Trinity Mother Frances Hospital in Tyler for routine visits.

"The gas prices are going to go up, people are going to have to make sacrifices," said Minter,

Her medication, she says is something she can't sacrifice.      

"I'll be taking it for five years. This drug ranges around $500 for thirty tablets," said Minter.

The good news, her daily treatments are over, meaning less gas mileage. She says there's still the never ending uncertainty.

"What's the answer? What do we do about the gas prices and the cost of medicine? What's the answer?" said Minter. 

Like you, they keep filling up because they have to get to where they need to go, each day wondering at what cost?

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