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Gender test promises results after 10 weeks of pregnancy


It usually takes around 20 weeks into a pregnancy to find out the gender of your unborn baby, until a product called Intelligender came into play, where you can find out much earlier.

Most pregnant woman want to know, will they have a boy or a girl? But to wait till week 20 can seem like forever. Now a product called Intelligender can tell you as early as week 10.

"I wanted to know what I was having just as soon as I could," says mother, Kristy Crawford.

Intelligender is the first in-home gender prediction test and it's easy to use.

"It comes with a syringe that's used to insert the urine into the test and then you swirl the test, set it on a flat surface and in five minutes it's either going to match the orange for girl or green for boy," says Intelligender inventors, Rebecca Griffin and Teresa Garland. 

"In fact, in the seventeenth century, the way that they found out if a mom was pregnant was to have her, I'll use the word pee, on wheat and barley. If neither one grew, she wasn't pregnant, but if the barley grew she was having a boy, if the wheat grew, she was having a girl. If neither one grew, she wasn't pregnant...but if the barley grew, she was having a boy. And-if the wheat grew, she was having a girl. So, we were like, aha, there is a difference," says Griffin and Garland.

But not everyone thinks the test is necessary or appropriate.

"Why would I pay money for something that could be wrong," says mother of three, Rachel Mohn.

Scientists prove that the test is 80 percent accurate but accuracy isn't the issue for Mohn.

"If they see that they're going to have a boy, but they really wanted a girl, than they're more likely to go and get an abortion cause it just didn't fit in their plan," says Mohn.

But most say, the Intelligender just saves them from 10 weeks of anxiety.

Intelligender is sold at major drug stores, like CVS and Walgreens. The average going price was around $40 for one test.

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