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"Does It Work?"-06/12/07

Divide Pro: "Does It Work?"

Cooking at home would be a lot more fun, if it weren't for all those dishes to wash. We can't eliminate them all, but we might be able to cut down on your load a bit. That is, if this week's "Does It Work?" product lives up to its claims. We're putting the "Divide Pro" to the "Does It Work?" test.

"Cook three different foods in one pan." If the Original Divide Pro can save you time in your kitchen, we'll test it out in ours.

A quick inspection inside the box shows what you get-- two pans, one 10 inches, the other 12. And there's a lid with little holes in it. They also toss in a a bonus veggie slicer.

Turns out, when the makers say "cook three different foods in one pan," they mean it. The fine print conveniently stuck to the "durable non-stick coating" says the following: "When cooking with the Original Divide Pro, be sure that all sections contain food. Do not cook with any side empty." In order to comply, we'll cook three different egg dishes in our 3-sectioned 12 inch pan... a cheese and onion omelet, a fried egg and a scrambled egg.

Almost immediately, the channels on the pan's underside started coughing up smoke from something on the bottom that apparently was cooking faster than the stuff inside the pan. A few seconds later we had a puff of fire and smoke that licked out from the bottom of the pan. More on that in a moment.

But inside the pan, things were going well. The scrambled egg was done first, followed by the other two. And the fried egg and scrambled egg had no trace of the onions that had been cooking in the omelet right next to them.

The 10 inch pan has two sections. One has little raised grill lines on it. So, in an effort to reproduce a scene on the Divide Pro box, we grilled some hot dogs while cooking some pork 'n beans on the other side of the pan. All went well.

So, we had success with the food. But "Does It Work?" has found over the years, with this kind of product, the real test is often in the clean up. So we took the pans down for a wash.

We had no problems with the two sided 10 inch pan. But we weren't done yet.

Remember all that smoking with the 12 inch pan? Well, we found the culprit. The paint on the bottom side of the pan had been burning off. We were left with a white circle on the bottom side of the black pan.

Inside the pan, the "durable non-stick coating" had bubbled up and started peeling off.

For just one use, it was enough to kill the whole deal. We give the Divide Pro... a "no". We paid 20 dollars for the Divide Pro.

It's available online or at drug and department stores in the "as seen on TV" products.

Joe Terrell, reporting jterrell@kltv.com

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