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03/16/04 - Tyler

Tyler's Job Outlook Third Best in Nation

In construction and many other sectors of the economy, jobs are being created in Tyler.

A survey by Manpower, Inc. shows 57% of Tyler employers plan to add jobs during the late spring and early Summer.  In Longview, that number is just 17%.

Home builder Gary Root says, "I have had people call and wanting [construction workers], so I know there are some [worker] shortages out there."

Sometimes shortages of good construction workers because so many homes are going up so fast

"I see [the economy] as being very good, and I see it continuing. We're getting as many or more inquiries than we have ever gotten," he says.

Construction is one of many areas in which Tyler's job force is expected to expand. Also, manufacturing, transportation, wholesale and retail, finance, insurance, real estate, education, and the general service industry are on the list. If construction is number one, manufacturing is a close second.

"We've seen a lot of increase in business activity since the first of the year, increase of prospect activity, businesses looking at Tyler," says Tom Mullins of the Tyler Economic Development Council.  He says new businesses are coming, and established ones, like Carrier are expanding their workforces.

He says Tyler's been able to avoid the recent economic downturn by changing as the world has.

"Tyler has now a more diverse economy than it ever has in it's history. Went from agriculture to oil and gas, but now we have a lot of things that are contributing to the economy: manufacturing, distribution, headquarters, medical, and retail," he says.

Gary Root says, "We probably will continue to add staff at a moderate slow pace, but we are continuing to have more people working for us."

That means more homes, more money for governments, more jobs for many others who never get near a construction site.

"I think we have an excellent climate and retirement area, and i see no reason for it to slow down at all," Root says. 

Tyler is third in the nation on the job outlook.  Number 1 is Racine County, Wisc.,  and number 2 is Visalia, Calif.

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