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Young mom battles Lupus, left with $1800/month medication bill


At the young age of 12, an East Texas girl found out she had Lupus. Now a proud mother at the age of 22, she has overcome numerous surgeries and treatments, but she still faces some incredible struggles.

"You're not the Lupus, the Lupus isn't you; you can still do whatever you want to do, you just have to believe in yourself," says Samantha Mosley.

Sammy's mom, Babby Carroll, says she remembers the day Mosley got diagnosed. "I got home and her ankles were the size of her knees, and both of them were like that. The ER doctor took one look at her and said, 'how long has she had that rash on that face?' and I said, 'What rash, I thought it was a sunburn?' He said, 'No, she has the t-rash for lupus.'"

By the age of 14, Sammy had had blood transfusions, chemotherapy, steroid pulse treatments, and, ultimately, ended up with stage four kidney disease.

"I would come home and just feel horrible, and my mom would let me skip the next three days of school," says Mosley, "They told me that because I was having to do chemotherapy along with the steroid pulses, that I would probably never have children."

However, when she was 18, Sammy and her husband were blessed with a beautiful daughter.

Then shortly after that, they had their second. Their faith kept their two-pound babies alive.

After all of this, Sammy was left with only thirteen percent kidney function. She was forced to go on dialysis for almost three years.

"I would have to wake up at 4:30 a.m., three times a week, and then sit on this machine for five hours a time," recalls Mosley.  

Sammy's cousin donated her kidney to Mosley just one month ago.

But now, Sammy has to take almost $1800 worth of medications a month so that her body doesn't reject it.

"I don't try to harp on it. I don't try to think about it all the time because than I would be depressed; I just try to move forward, because if I'm happy my daughters can see that, my husband can see that," says Mosley.  

Sammy's family, friends, and church are holding a BBQ fundraiser to help pay for her monthly $1800 medication bill.

It will be on March 25th at the St. Luke's United Methodist Church in Kilgore, where from 11:30 to 2:00 they will be serving brisket with all the trimmings.

It's only $5 a plate and all the proceeds will go to help pay for Sammy's medicine.

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