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Pepsi truck and school bus collide: one killed, over a dozen injured

We hope you're enjoying your week so far; here's what we are working on for you in the KLTV newsroom this afternoon:

There is breaking news tonight out of Pennsylvania: authorities say one person is dead and 15 others have been injured in a collision between a school bus and a Pepsi delivery truck. We are working to get more details for you, and will update the story immediately as we do.

By market's close today, stocks were relatively unchanged, a day after Wall Street saw its biggest gain of the year. Even so, closing above 13,000 sends a strong message that the nation may be heading in the right direction. KLTV's Bethany Moore will explain at 5 what this might mean for us all.

KLTV's Annette Falconer visited with a great family in Kilgore today; the young mom has been through many health crises, including Lupus and organ transplantation. She is keeping her head up, though, and shares her story with you tonight at 5, and there may even be a way that you can help.

A family wants answers after finding their dog mutilated in an ETX neighborhood. Our Samantha Jordan went to visit with the saddened, angry family to find out just what happened, and if there is any news about who might have done such a violent thing. She'll share with you what she learned tonight at 6.

You may have already heard the news that made a sad story even sadder today; authorities have told us that New Diana ag teacher David Gross died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. We'll have that for you at 5 and 6, and have a story we've updated from the beginning of this tragedy at Community reacts to Diana teacher's death.

Also, head over to to read about two criminals who actually stole a family's dog and called demanding ransom money! It sounds like a foolish movie plot, but they really did it, and you can find out how the whole thing ended by clicking here to be taken to the story.

Join us for all these stories and more at 5 and 6, and remember, we'll be livestreaming for you on as well, just in case you're not near a tv.

We'll see you soon!

Stephanie Frazier

Community Web Producer

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