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Gas prices make ETX drivers cringe


The current price of gas has some drivers rethinking their travel plans.

The price of regular unleaded at one Tyler gas station is $3.64, and that's just too high, said one Tyler resident.

"Can I get my bike back out? Just, go get a bicycle, 'cause that's cheaper," said Jana Jackson. She told us prices are so high that she no longer fills up her gas tank.

Drivers here also told us they are now adjusting their travel plans this spring break.

"Instead of going places that cost money, we'll spend the gas and take the kids to a park," Shannon Sorem told us.

Jana Jackson had planned on going to a carnival in Longview with her family. But, instead of spending the money on the actual carnival, "I have to put that extra money in the gas tank just to get there," said Jackson.

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