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Better East Texas: Presidential runs

By Pat Stacey:

The race for the republican presidential nomination continues on and it looks like it will not truly be decided until the republican convention. President Obama has been sitting back with little motivation to start campaigning because the republicans are doing a fine job or bloodying each others' noses at this point.  But the real ally for the president and his bid for reelection may not be the opposing candidates beating up on each other, it may be a rebounding economy.  Job creation seems to be picking up steam even though it is still anemic compared to historical levels, the stock market has been performing very well recently and it all points to a strengthening economy, which obviously favors President Obama.  If gas prices start coming down, and the other leading economic indicators stay positive, President Obama will have a good shot at being re-elected.  You see people have short memories and the "what have you done for me lately" mentality dominates many voters decision process.  But ultimately, as voters from either party, we need to take a step back and vote for the candidate the most embodies their beliefs and party platform.  Few things are more dangerous than an uninformed electorate unless you count one that votes for a candidate based on the most recent headlines.  Once again, get registered to vote, be informed and cast your ballot.  It is uniquely American and it makes for a Better East Texas.

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