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Better East Texas: Insurance debate

By Pat Stacey:

Recently the debate over insurance covered contraception blew up when Rush Limbaugh verbally assailed a Georgetown law student on her testimony that companies insurance coverage should cover the costs of birth control. The testimony and the debate were quickly overshadowed by the Limbaugh remarks but plenty has come out about the subject of insurance covered contraception. It is amazing to me to read all the varying opinions on this subject that range from women paying for their own birth control to the probable situation of companies insurance covering the costs even if the company disagrees with birth control on religious grounds. There are a lot of personal decisions to be made that are reflections our lifestyle but to force insurance companies to cover something like this to me is a financial misdeed. Many of those that are for this type of coverage see it as a way to increase the prevention of unwanted pregnancies but it opens up a Pandora's Box of all sorts of lifestyle products and services that may be the next targets of the coverage debate. Should we have coverage for training wheels for kid's bikes, or even provide insurance reimbursement for the cost of motorcycle helmets to prevent unintended injuries? To me, the best insurance from unwanted consequences is to abstain from that type of behavior. It's free and it works every time and your insurance company won't have to pay you for it.

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