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Post-Game incident mars TJC/Lamar St game

TYLER, TEXAS (KLTV) - Following a 62-58 win over Tyler Junior College in the Region XIV tournament, Lamar St- Port Arthur and the Apaches were involved in a post game altercation.

Seahawks head coach Matt Cross was involved in a verbal dispute with several members of the TJC team and coaching staff after the post game handshake.

Cross was then shoved in the face by Apache freshman Tyler Brunson, which then sparked retaliation from the Seahawks team.

While no punches were thrown, Seahawks guard Lakeem Duncan stripped of his uniform, then proceeded to grab a folding chair from the sidelines.

However, as he made his was towards the TJC player, Duncan was cut off by a female trainer from Lamar State.

She was able to wrestle the chair away from him, but we were later informed that she was taken to the emergency room with what is believe to be several broken fingers and possibly a broken wrist.

The breaks are believed to have happened when her hand was caught in the joint of the folding chair Duncan was carrying.

The young lady declined to press charges against the player.

Both teams were then escorted off the court, Lamar St. receiving a chorus of boo's from the TJC crowd.

As clarified by TJC Athletic Director Dr. Tim Drain, the players involved are not subject to punishment by the NJCAA or Region XIV because the officials had left the floor and the incident took place after the game had been made official.

Punishment for players invovled will now fall to the individual schools disecretion.

Because TJC's season is over, punishment won't take effect until next year.

Lamar State is just two wins away from the national tournament and it is unknown as of yet if they school will suspend those involved in the incident.

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