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2012 East Texas Oilfield Expo


On Wednesday, folks in the oil and gas industry in East Texas gathered for the big yearly expo at Maude Cobb in Longview.

Normally, this event mainly draws the attention of people in the industry, folks with a vested interest in knowing what's going on in the business.

But this year, just about everyone tuned in because of high gas prices. We went and asked industry insiders how the prices are affecting business.

"And you can see by the show out how many people are actually here and doing what they do how good of an industry it is," said T.J. Angus, MS Inc. Regional Manager.

"Throughout the years you know our demand is down, supply and demand is going to catch up; our demand is down and I think we're going to see dropping prices," added Brad Elenburg of Basic Energy Services.

The Expo wraps up tomorrow at Maude Cobb Convention Center in Longview.

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