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Study: Black students get harsher punishments than white students

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Black students are dealt harsher punishments compared to their white peers.  The Department of Education did a study to prove black students are more than three times likely to get suspended as their white classmates.

The national study looked at data from 2009-2010 from school district across the country.  The Secretary of Education Arnie Duncan says he hopes this study will be a wake up call.  He hopes the findings will motivate school districts to review how it handles discipline.

The study took a look at the top 20 school districts. Charlotte - Mecklenburg school (CMS) district is one of the 20.  It showed the white student population in CMS is 33% but only 14% of white students got suspended.   The black population in CMS that year was 44% and black students made up 75% of those suspended.

School Board member Tom Tate believes CMS is fair when handing out punishment but wants to look at the report further.

"There are questions," Tate said. "I think the data needs to be rehearsed again. We ought to hear more about that and find out if there is anything we have been missing."

CMS issued this statement. 

"As one of the districts whose data is included in the report, we will use the information to evaluate and analyze our discipline practices, which are based on the Student Code of Conduct. We want to be sure that the code is applied equitably to all students and schools. We will look at qualitative data from our district as well as the quantitative data already collected to ensure that the Student Code of Conduct is fairly and consistently applied in CMS."

To read the report click below.


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