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Fears of Obama getting re-elected, may be spiking gun sales


If you see yourself, or others making extra trips to the gun shops this year it's not your imagination.

Gun sales are on a rise once again, and some people say it's because of election year.

Is it just speculation? Or is the second amendment on the chopping block if President Obama gets reelected?

"Politics doesn't work that way. If you've got an agenda, and you control the White House and you control the House and you control the senate you don't say, 'well lets wait on that, you know maybe we will have more numbers in six years than we do now,' it doesn't work that way," says Smith County Democratic Representative, David Henderson.

Henderson says if the President wanted to restore the ban on assault weapons he would have already done so,"I mean if it was part of the agenda, it would've happened the first two years of his term."

Henderson says gun sales are booming because of America's past history of paranoia.

"Paranoia has been part of American politics since the middle of the 19th century, I mean it just gets worse when there's a Democratic in the White House," says Henderson.

According to FBI records, the number of people running criminal background checks on potential gun buyers is at an all time high. 1.7 million requests this past February, compared to 900,000 in February 2007.

Allen Maitin is one of those people interested in getting a gun. 

"I do have the concern that legal firearms possession in the United States is going to come under pressure," says Maitin.

With spiked sales in the last four months especially, Rob Carter is indifferent if it has to do with election year.

"As far as whether or not it's election year, we've heard lots of that of coarse, but as far as saying for sure it's hard to tell," says Carter.

But for now, Carter can only appreciate the sales.

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