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Dates to note if you want to vote


Now that the Texas primary election date has been set, election offices say they can finally get to work.

Many people have been waiting for those voter registration cards and they'll soon be on their way.

Though the election date has changed, everything still works the same way, despite any rumors that are circulating online.

"Somehow there's an email that got out to everybody that they're no longer registered to vote, which is not true. You're still registered if you were previously, it's just your card expired," says Henderson County Elections Deputy Clerk Pam Green.

County election offices say new voter registration cards will finally be mailed out by April 25. It's a date they've been anxiously waiting to set amidst the redistricting battle.

"We were ready to just close up shop and go on vacation until they decided what they wanted to do," says Pam.

Smith County Elections Administrator Karen Nelson says your address must be current to get your new card in the mail.
"If you've moved in the last two years and have not notified our office, you will not get a voter registration card and you need to contact our office and do an address change," says Karen.

The cards will have important updated information, "It shows your polling location, what precincts you're actually allowed to vote in, cities and schools and things like that," says Pam.

While voters should get their new voter registration cards in plenty of time to vote, they don't actually need the card at the polling place to cast their ballot. Voters can also vote by brining a valid form of Texas ID or a current utility bill to their polling location.

It's also not to late to join the race as a candidate.

"Anybody can decide they want to run for office, and they can contact either party of their choice," says Karen.

The filing deadline for candidates is now extended to March 9 and voting day is May 29.

Now that the official election date has been set, many other important dates have fallen into place:

  • Last day to file as a Candidate: March 9
  • Last day to register to vote, if you have not already: April 30
  • Last day for election offices to mail out voter registration cards: April 25
  • City/School elections: May 12
  • Early voting for Texas primary: May 14-25
  • Texas Primary: May 29

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