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Better East Texas: The TransCanda Pipeline

By Pat Stacey

With the rejection of the Keystone X-L Pipeline back in January, many thought the project was dead, or at least on hold for several years. 

TransCanada has elected to try again to get approval for a section of the pipeline while it negotiates the plans for a larger line that originates in Canada. 

The smaller proposal has a pipeline that goes from Cushing, Oklahoma to the gulf coast and follows the route originally proposed through East Texas.  This pipeline is roughly 500 miles long and it does not require presidential approval to move forward so there is very little, outside of a few smaller court cases, that can slow it down. But they do need to win the in the court of public opinion. 

This project will mean some jobs in East Texas and it will improve our nation's ability to refine more oil domestically.  So it is now up to TransCanada to live up to its pledge to work with landowners that are skeptical about the project.

They need to build a relationship with each landowner and then exceed the landowner's expectations on the construction of the pipeline.  It is also up to area lawmakers to hold TransCanada to their pledge of being a good neighbor.  This is very important during an election year, so it is probably a good thing this project is happening now and our local politicians will work doubly hard to ensure all goes smooth. 

This will either be a big win or a disaster for TransCanada and East Texas and it will set the stage for the larger project that runs to Canada down the road.  East Texans cherish their land and homesteads and TransCanada needs to honor and respect that position and it will make for a Better East Texas.

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