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Better East Texas: Monitoring your child's Facebook page

By Pat Stacey:

It used to be a cryptic note made of cut out letters or an anonymous phone call placed to the school office and now we are dealing Facebook gun threats at school. 

Recently, Robert E. Lee High School in Tyler was rocked because of a Facebook post that warned of a gun on campus.  This was on the heels of the school shooting in Chardon, Ohio, and was in fact, just a day later. 

The shooter in Ohio had some disturbing posts as well.  It is unsettling how open many of these recent troubled individuals are and how social media seems to be their cry for help.  But no one answered in Ohio. 

The parents of the student shooter have both been in trouble with the law and it appears that the student lived mostly unsupervised in the world of social media.  So, it is not surprising how many clues are posted on Facebook but this is also a fantastic tool for parents to truly see what their child is thinking. 

The crime is not taking advantage of it.  Parents ultimately control much of the access to the social media outlets their children place so much value in and it is absolutely a right and a responsibility of parenting to know what your child is posting. 

As for the students out there, there are no small pranks to disrupt schools or other gathering places, there is not a harmless threat and if you carry out one of these actions, you will most likely be caught and the consequences are certainly not something you would want to post on Facebook.

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