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Gilmer family desperate for home repairs

LONGVIEW,TX (KLTV)- An east Texas family of nine desperately needs a new home, as their's is literally falling down around them. A tarp covers the roof of the Straceners Gilmer home because of constant leaks. Wood is rotting all around the house, but for Shonda Stracener and her 7 children , it's still their home.

"We're a family, this is our home and we're going to stick together through anything," she says.

They have limited space in the two bedroom trailer , and make due with bunk beds and a sofa to sleep. But even the plumbing and electricity is only partially functional.

"My son hasn't been able to work much its been a bad year. They would like to fix it up, they like the location, but they just haven't had the money," says mother-in-law Debbie Stracener.

The Straceners have lived at the residence for a year and it would have been easy for them to pick up and leave and go somewhere else , but its their land and their home. They won't leave.

"It leaks when it rains, that's why the tarp is on there, so they really desperately need some help, they need their own home and need it fixed up," Debbie says.

Mister Stracener works for a fencing company , but doesn't make enough for what needs to be done. They've tried to make repairs themselves with small amounts of donated lumber. But the home needs a major overhaul.

"They definitely need a new roof another bedroom, they got 7 kids , one girl and 6 boys I know its tough on them," adds Debbie.

But its more than just the house and land.

"This is our home this is where we live our kids love it here they get to run and be kids , its just out house is falling down," says Shonda.

If you'd like to help , the family is in need of building materials and construction expertise. You can call them at 903-841-8357.

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