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Improv hits Tyler! Special benefit show Friday!


By Jamey Boyum

Back in 2009 Jamey Whitley and Aaron Smith wanted to do theater while attending UT. They didn't have a budget, so the logical choice was some illogic: improvisation. Cheap, but dangerous at least to your credibility as a comedian.

But, the troupe kept it together. They call themselves, Card 53.

"It's starting to really pick up. We're starting to get word of mouth out there that there's something new and exciting in Tyler now," Jamey said.

"Every audience is different. And every suggestion we get thrown our way is completely different. So, the show is driven by the audience," Brad Johnson stated.

Their show is like Drew Carey's "Who's line is it Anyway?" But they do practice..sort of..with what they call games like this one: Mister Know It All.

I asked how to make a brick wall.

"You take bricks and place bricks on the bricks," the three of them said, one word at a time.

They play another game where they can only move if someone moves them. This is a gunfight. That ends..strangely.

"You want to just dance instead?" Said Chris Pelton, another troupe member.

"We're at gunpoint," I pointed out.

"Let's hug. Let's hug," Chris suggested.

"Um, hey guys..I gotta go," I stated.

You can see Card 53 LIVE Friday, March 2 at Whitehouse High School.  The show is $5.00.  Whitehouse Auditorium doors open at 6:30 p.m.  The show begins at 7:00 p.m.  All proceeds go to the Whitehouse High School Band.  The show is designed for all ages.


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