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Students cheer on new US citizens

Today dozens of people became US citizens in a Smith County courtroom. As they received citizenship, a group of third graders were there, watching that very first proud moment.

Deguoluncy Doan said, "This is first day I really, truly have a happy moment to become American citizen. I am so proud!"

Doan has worked for her citizenship for 17 years. She says this makes her struggles worthwhile.

"I always hoped to become an American citizen and today, I officially became one. I'm so happy."

Third graders from the Brook Hill School brought homemade cards to the ceremony. Inside, they wrote letters of encouragement, congratulating their citizenship.

Deguoluncy was touched by the children's kindness and support, and said, "I'm honoring to receive it! Thank you y'all!"

Cassidy, a student at Brook Hill, says she learned about the dedication it took for Deguoluncy and other immigrants to get to this point.

"I couldn't imagine doing all that to become an American citizen," Cassidy said.

It made student Chandler realize the things he loves about America.

"Because there's freedom and you can vote for whoever you want to," Chandler said.

And it made Mason more appreciative of his country.

"I feel lucky that I don't have to go through this process because I was born here," he noted.

But he says the best part was watching their reaction at that very moment they were officially US citizens; something he said he'll never forget.

What did they learn?

The students said they learned that it takes a lot to be an American citizen. I takes a lot of work!

After nearly 20 years, Deguoluncy's fight to become a citizen is over, but she said her journey to her American dream in just beginning.



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