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One arrested, one killed in Winfield shooting


Authorities in Titus county are calling the shooting a split second life-or-death decision for a police officer. The shooting happened after a vehicle was pulled over at a metal fabrication shop in the Millers Cove community on I-30. In a matter of seconds, life and death became a thin line for Winfield officers, when investigators say an armed suspect fired at them.

"Its a scenario situation that went from bad to worse that no officer in their career would ever want to go through," says Winfield police chief Tyler Bannister.

The car was pulled over for speeding, the two men inside taken into custody, and a search of the vehicle was made.

"There were several items located in the vehicle that were illegal to possess," Bannister says.

Then the unexpected.

"One of the suspects that we had detained was able to retrieve a weapon out of the vehicle of one of our officers," adds Bannister.

Investigators say 23 year old Brian Fuller of New York, who's hands were handcuffed behind him, made a move, moving his cuffs to the front of his body, grabbing a gun, and firing one shot at officers. In that split second officers returned fire, and Fuller was shot dead.

"In that moment it becomes more of a reactionary instinct," Bannister says.

The question Texas rangers have is how? If Fuller was handcuffed behind, how did he get his hands in front , and more important how did he get his hands on a weapon? The second suspect, Fullers brother, 17 year old Bryce Fuller is in Titus county jail charged with felony drug and marijuana possession and theft of a firearm.

Both officers walked away uninjured. As part of standard procedure, the officer who fired the fatal shot is on paid leave while Texas rangers investigate the shooting.

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