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Officials say Tyler bank robber could be from ETX


It's the examination of the clothing, the person, and the knife that lead investigators to believe the robber could be from East Texas.

The robbery happened around 5:15 P.M Wednesday night at the Credit Union by Front Street and Vine Ave. near downtown Tyler.

"The crime in itself is unusual that a female entered the credit union like that with a knife so that's where the feeling is this could be a local person that did this," says Don Martin, with the Tyler Police Department.

The surveillance video from the Telco Credit Union Bank shows the robber waving the knife around as a tool of fear.

"she was letting them know, I've got a weapon here, and using that as a threat to commit the crime," says Martin.

President of the Telco Credit Union Bank, Betty Deweese says the robber then demanded money,"she demanded cash, she was rather disappointed there were not more doors, you can see in the video where she's having to show her she's getting all that we've got."

Deweese says the employees get trained twice a year, so they know how to remain calm in that type of situation.

"Our tellers are trained that regardless of what you see or don't see as far as weapons, assume that they got a weapon, give them what they want, get them out of the building, their lives are more important than any amount of money," says Deweese.

Now police are asking anyone to call if they recognize the robber,"It's an out of the ordinary shirt, so we really want them to focus on that, cause they're going to say, you know what I know someone that has that type of shirt," says Martin.

The employees described the woman as a light skinned black female approximately five foot five, with a medium build. She was seen leaving in a black vehicle, possibly a Chevy Malibu.

Call police if you have any information.

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