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LISD bus driver disciplined over texting


An East Texas school bus driver has been disciplined for texting while driving dozens of students on a field trip to Dallas.

About 30 Longview ISD students were on the bus last Thursday, when a picture was taken of the driver texting behind the wheel. School officials say they have dealt quickly and directly with a driver in last weeks incident.

"I can tell you that it has been dealt with. The district looked into it immediately, the district took action immediately against this driver. We will not tolerate texting and driving on LISD school buses," says LISD public information officer Adam Holland.

The incident has those with children in LISD concerned.

"I believe it never should have happened at all , he should have been driving , paying more attention to the road. You've got other peoples kids on the bus you need to understand that. I don't think it should have happened," says parent Teriyaki Turner.

"A little bit angry because it is a dangerous thing. He's got children in his care and he needs to be paying full attention to what he's doing," says grandparent Kay Warren.

Several images were taken to and from Dallas. The district has not released what disciplinary action was taken.

"We've seen the stories time and again, texting and driving don't mix. Its a recipe for disaster," Holland says.

The district confirmed the driver was texting and driving several times during the trip.

"The employee is not driving a bus now," says Holland.

"Its disturbing and its dangerous," Warren says.

The driver remains and employee of LISD in the athletic department. The employee's has not been released by the district. All Longview ISD drivers have been instructed that there will be no texting while driving school buses.

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