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Audit claims Whitehouse Dispatchers must answer phones while on toilet


The City of Whitehouse has brought in an auditor for their police department.

The audit comes amid Whitehouse Police Chief Rick Waller being under investigation for alleged discrepancies with city fuel use and high turnover rates within the department.

Chief Waller has taken a voluntary leave of absence while the investigation is conducted.

Regarding the high turnover rate, the auditor is already reporting a lack of communication between Whitehouse City Hall and police, lack of positive re-enforcement, and lack of consistency of disciplinary action.

The audit also states that dispatchers work without breaks and are forced to answer phones while on the toilet.

"I'll look at how we can change things to be more productive. More effective to better serve the city and the people of the get the moral up in the police department," said Whitehouse Assistant Police Chief Craig Shelton.

He also told us there have been changes regarding the city's fuel use.

"We have a key now that you fit into the pump. You have to enter a code. You up in your mileage," said Shelton.

 You can view the complete audit in the Big Red Box by clicking here.

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