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Leaping babies!


It's Leap Year. We have a whole extra day to lighten our busy schedules..although it doesn't really work that way.

Right here in Tyler, a child was born on the 29th of February on leap day. The odds are against it. It's around 1,500 to one, actually.

We went to the hospital to talk to the parents of this one in fifteen hundred infant.

When Jace Spencer is four, he'll have his first birthday, a trend which will continue his whole life. By the time he graduates, he'll be four and a half. If he goes on to medical school, he'll be a much younger doctor than when Doogie Howser became a doctor, even if Jace is older.

"Every fourth year he'll have a birthday," Said new mom Kim Spencer.

"That sounds cheaper to me," I pointed out.

"It is, it is," She laughed.

Since time really doesn't slow down for leap year children, they have to pick February twenty-eighth, or the first of March to celebrate.

"I think we'll choose February twenty-eighth as his birthday," she said.

Since there are only around 187.000 leap-people in the U.S., what does Jace's dad Jason think?

"I'm still in shock from the whole deal," He admitted.

I'm thinking the leap-year bit is only a small part of that. So, Julius Caesar's 365 day calendar, on which our present Gregorian calendar is based, had little to do with new papa shock. Although he does think it's kind of cool.

So, when Jace's real birthday rolls around..

"That present better be big," I pointed out.

"Yeah. Have to be a good one," Jason agreed.

Better start saving now.

Kim Spencer's labor was induced, but the doctor chose the date, not the parents. Jace was born at 9:51 AM, he's 21 inches long and weighs eight pounds and seven ounces.

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