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ETX man says Leap Day birthday is unique marker of time

It is Leap Day, a rare day for all of us.

But for those of you who were born on Leap Day, you're getting the rare treat to celebrate your birthday on your actual day.

Jud Lusk turns six today. Well, not really. He's really turning 24, but it's only the sixth time he's going to celebrate on his birthday -- something he says has taken some getting used to.

"I always had a birthday, but it just wasn't real," Jud says.

Jud was the first Leap Day baby born in El Dorado, Ark. in 1988. His mom, Sandy Lamberton, says he got the special treatment from the get-go.

"They did a big article in the newspaper there and he was just special to everybody. Everybody just flocked to him," she says. "And he was so cute."

Sandy says she's always worked hard to make Jud's birthdays special by throwing big parties every year -- because when he was younger, Jud says it was hard to have years when he didn't have a birthday.

"It's different. That's the reason. I mean, I like being different, but that's just, it has to be, and I don't like that," he says. "Like I want to be different for me and not because of my birthday."

But both Jud and Sandy say that Jud's Leap Day birthday gives them a unique sense of time.

"To me it's fun to say, well Jud, this is your big year for your birthday. It kind of makes it special to me and I try to make it special to him that this is actually a birthday. You've waited four years for this and you're only six. You're 24 and you're only going to be six," Sandy says.

"I'll never get old, like never," Jud says. "I'll stay young my whole life. And that's pretty cool. I like staying young."

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