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Back room salon injection victim still hospitalized, loved ones speak


Carmel Foster returned to Smith County Tuesday. She is the Tyler woman accused of giving illegal, backroom breast enhancement injections in her Tyler salon.

KLTV met with the loved ones of Sheena Bradford, the woman who is still hospitalized after reportedly getting those injections. The family says they're glad Foster is behind bars, but Sheena's recovery is what's most important.

"She's doing better, she's off life support, she's just on oxygen," says DeVora Templeton, Sheena's friend.

Templeton says Sheena is finally breathing on her own, talking and asking questions.

"She wants to know if they have the lady and what's going to happen," says DeVora.

The lady Bradford is talking about is Carmel Foster. Foster was transported from Harrison County where she was arrested, to Smith County, where she faces charges for performing breast augmentation procedures without a license.

In Foster's arrest affidavit the details of the alleged procedure are vivid. Bradford told police, "the suspect asked her to take her shirt off and then filled a plastic jug with a clear gel substance," says the affidavit. It goes on to say Bradford told police that Foster, "poured the gel into a paper bowl and filled up a clear gel substance,"

Bradford told police Foster filled up 24 syringes with a gel substance and injected it into her breasts.

Bradford's cousin told police a similar story of Foster injecting what was called "a saline solution gel" into her breasts and being under the impression Foster worked under a Houston doctor.

"[Foster] was offered the opportunity to talk to us and she has asked for a lawyer," says Tyler Police Officer Don Martin.

Inside Foster's Tyler salon police collected numerous needles, syringes, glues, gels, cotton balls, gauze and medications. The complete list of items collected in the search warrant can be found HERE.

While it's still not certain what was in the suspected injections Sheena's loved ones say she knows she made a poor decision and she knows "this is serious and what looks good might not be really good for you," says DeVora.

Her loved ones say they're thankful she's going to live through it. And they're also thankful for the support they've had along the way, "I just want to say thank you for all of the prayers, thank you to everyone who was supportive and helped us," says DeVora.

Tyler police tell us other women have come forward saying they too had body enhancement injections done by Foster. However, no other charges have currently been filed.

We have put all 8 pages of Carmel Foster's arrest affidavit online. If you'd like to read the entire thing for yourself just click HERE.

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