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03/10/04 - Longview

Iraq Army Veteran Home In Longview

An army war veteran is back in East Texas after finishing his tour of duty. For 23 year old John Porter, the war and rebuilding of Iraq is over.

He's discharged after a four year hitch in the army's 94th Engineering Battalion.  He now remembers his first days in the war ravaged country, "When I first got there, my first thought was what am I here for, how am I here, how long am I going to be here?  That's probably the most terrifying thought being away from family and friends for that period of time, don't know whether you're coming back." 

His unit was under the constant threat of guerilla attacks, and he says it's like nothing we might imagine. The husband and father of five children has come back with a new respect for things we may take for granted.

"Everybody that has gone over there and has come back has realized what you have to be thankful for and be grateful for".

Although proud of his part in the effort to bring freedom to Iraq, Porter thinks the soldiers' job is over. "The attacks are going to continue to happen, you know we've done a lot for that country Iraq itself but in my opinion its time for them to do for themselves" says Porter.

He's glad he made it back to resume his most important job, his family.

Bob Hallmark, reporting.

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