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Arrest affidavit details back room salon injections

Carmel Foster. Photo Source: Harrison County Jail. Carmel Foster. Photo Source: Harrison County Jail.

Tyler Police released the arrest affidavit for Queen Diva's salon owner, Carmel Foster.

Foster is accused of illegally injecting substances into East Texas women.

According to the arrest affidavit, Sheena Bradford went to Queen Diva's salon on February 15, after being referred by her cousin for a breast augmentation.

In her statement to police, Bradford says she walked into the back room of the salon, where the suspect, "CC," as she's referred in the affidavit, asked her to take off her shirt and proceeded to fill a plastic jug with a clear gel substance.

Bradford says CC then poured the gel into a paper bowl and filled up a syringe.

According to Bradford's statement, CC pumped approximately 12 syringes full of the clear gel into each of Bradford's breasts, which upon initial contact with the needle, Bradford reported severe pain.

Bradford continued that her breasts immediately began swelling, and gel oozed from the needle holes. In her statement, Bradford stated that the suspect put super glue on each of the needle holes, then applied a cotton swab to the glue.

Two days after the incident, Bradford was admitted to the ICU at Good Shepherd Medical Center in Longview, with complaints of shortness of breath and pain.

The ICU nurse advised Bradford that she had pneumothorax, a build up of air, in each lung, as well as a build up of blood in both lungs, according to the affidavit.

Bradford was placed on a ventilator, with tubes put into both lungs. She was listed in critical condition at the time.

On February 19, Tyler Police made contact with the owner of Queen Diva's Salon, who identified herself as Carmel Foster, AKA "CC."

A search warrant was executed on Queen Diva's Salon, where authorities discovered needles, syringes, rubbing alcohol, sterile dressing, super glue and cotton balls, according to official documents.

Bradford's cousin, Kenya Shepherd, told Tyler Police Investigators that two weeks beforehand, CC had conducted the same procedure on her.

According to the arrest affidavit, Shepherd stated that CC injected what she called a "saline solution gel," and that she worked under the direction of a doctor from Houston. Shepherd told Police that Foster charged her $600 for the procedure.

The affidavit also stated Bradford paid $800 to Foster for her breast augmentation procedure.

Foster is charged with practicing medicine in violation of subtitle, a third degree felony. Foster was apprehended in Harrison County last Thursday. She is now in custody at the Smith County Jail.

To read Carmel "CC" Foster's arrest affidavit in its entirety, click here.

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