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Streets of Speed-3/10/04

Streets Of Speed: F.M. 315 Speed Reductions Catch Speeders Off Guard

"When you come down the hill, out of a 55, into a 50, directly into a 45, and then a 30, people just don't really have the time to slow down," Chandler Police Chief Ron Reeves said.

And we caught them in the 30 mile-per-hour zone, with J.J. posted behind this church sign, speed zapper in hand.

Residents living along F.M. 315 say the speeding problem is constant.

"On 315, they're morning till night," Juanita Teague said. "It begins about 4:30 in the morning and it ends about 9:00 in the evening. I just wish that something could be done about it."

The Chandler Police Chief says his department has tried to do something about the speeding problem.

"We've tried to get the state to reduce the speed," he said. "The state will not do it."

What he means is: Reduce the speed limit before the hill, not at the bottom of it, so drivers have time to slow down. He says that might help reduce the number of accidents, where a driver rear-ends another car stopped at the railroad track at the bottom of the hill.

Police have used this area as a speed trap before. So the next time you speed on this road, aside from the dangers involved, it could cost you. The average speed we clocked today was 43. And the highest speed was 55. (That's almost double the speed limit.)

Julie Tam, reporting.

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