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Man jailed for killing puppy with hatchet

LEEDS, AL (WBRC) - A Leeds man is behind bars tonight after police say he killed a six month old German shepherd puppy.

Police are calling it animal cruelty. Those living near the man are calling it, self defense. All police are saying is Bernard Miller was arrested on felony animal cruelty charges, but they aren't saying how he killed the dog.

Jessica Moody with the Greater Birmingham Humane society just recently learned about the attack. "I know that it just wasn't a good situation," said Moody. "I won't go into gory details but I know there was a hatchet involved and it inflicted pain."

As the investigation into this case continues, those living in the area are telling a different story from police. Neighbors say Miller was simply protecting his own dog when the stray dog started breeding with his dog.

Neighbors say Miller tried to separate the two by pouring a glass of water on them, but that did not work. From that point on they don't know what happened, but say Miller would never purposely hurt an animal.

Of course police saw it differently and charged Miller with animal cruelty, something the humane society sees all too often. "It breaks my heart," said Moody.

If you know of an animal being abused you can call the animal cruelty hotline at 205- 369-0392.

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