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Bus driver reported texting while driving students


An East Texas student says her school bus driver put her life and the lives of dozens of other students at risk, by texting while driving that bus.

The teen says the incident in question happened on a Longview ISD field trip to Dallas. Around 30 students from LISD were on a field trip to a Dallas ballet performance on Thursday, when one student noticed the bus driver as they were in route.

"The driver was texting and messing with his iPod touch constantly, the bus was in motion," says 16-year-old Longview high school student Magan Tyler.

Magan plead her concerns to staff on the bus.

"I was like shouldn't he not be texting wait till we stop or something? Then they tried to hush me up and say he's probably changing the radio station," Magan says.

"We've spent the last several hours looking into this, talking to people, we know that the bus driver was texting. We know that the bus driver was meddling with his I-pod and we're not happy. This is unacceptable. What a precious cargo you have and you're going to do that?" says LISD Public Information Officer Adam Holland.

"And then on the way back from Dallas, since they wouldn't do anything, I decided to take a photo because it seemed like no one would believe me." Magan says.

The picture Magan took, while in motion on the roadway, shows the driver apparently texting and with headphones on. The driver does appear not to be holding the wheel.

"No hands were on the steering wheel and he was completely texting," says Magan.

She says the driver repeated the distractions to and from Dallas. The district began an investigation.

"At first I had hoped it was a hoax, but as we've learned its not. We already have enough information to know that someone's going to be dealt with," Holland says.

Magan's concerns were greeted with a curious response.

"They tried to make me keep my mouth shut, they then said just leave it alone. Even though I am 16, I know what's wrong," she says.

The district has not released the name of the bus driver in question, but is continuing its investigation to determine what action they would take over the incident.

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