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ETX doctors speak out on illegal injections

Carmel Foster. Photo Source: Harrison County Jail. Carmel Foster. Photo Source: Harrison County Jail.

The salon owner accused of performing an illegal breast enhancement procedure could be in court as early as Friday.

Carmel Mitchelle Foster,38, was arrested Thursday afternoon in Harrison County on a charge of practicing medicine without a license at her salon in Tyler.

On Tuesday, we first told you about the breast injections at the salon, which reportedly made one East Texas woman extremely ill. 

Doctors around East Texas say injections like this are sadly not a new problem.
"It looks like she has been beat in her breasts, they're purple you know they're bruised bad and swollen," Devora Templeton told us earlier this week. 

The breast enhancement Devora's friend Sheena paid 600 dollars for landed her in the hospital in critical condition.

Unfortunately, doctors say this is not the first time they've heard of something like this happening. 

"They'll go to someone's house, a non medical facility, and sometimes even medical facilities and be told they are going to get something that just sounds out of reach," explained family practice medical doctor Mack Stewart. "But they are going to believe because that's what they want to believe," he said. 

So what makes people take this risk?

"The desire for approval," answered licensed professional counselor Wade French. 

And according to police, that desire has jeopardized other East Texans' health.

"We have been in contact  with other subjects that have stated they have had the same procedure done on them," Officer Don Martin with the Tyler Police Department told us. 

As police dig deeper, friends say Sheena's health continues to deteriorate.

"She's not getting any better; the specialists want to know what they put inside her breasts," Templeton explained. 

A question police are trying to find an answer to. Tyler police have turned to a criminal investigator with the FDA who lives in Dallas. 

"He came down and met with our investigator and obtained a sample from what we secured in the search warrant from the business as well as the hospital where the victim is," Martin told us.

For now, doctors have to wait for the lab results to find out what went into Sheena's body, and is threatening her life. 

We are told that so far, none of the other victims who have come forward are in serious condition. Police are waiting to see if any of those victims will file criminal charges. 
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