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Restaurant Report: Donut handling with bare hands


Almost a dozen different restaurants popped up this week on the bad list of restaurant reports.

Royal Donuts off of West Gentry in Tyler had problems with their hygienic practices, including an employee eating in the prep area and also personal items being stored next to the food. The manager on site was not able to demonstrate basic food safety. Total demerits..15.

McDonalds off of Beckham in Tyler had cross contamination issues, storing raw shell eggs above the yogurt. They also had several food items stored too warm or too cold. Total demerits...17.

Inspectors also put Big Mama's Soul Food off of Palace in Tyler on the list this week. They too had a number of foods, including meats and vegetables stored in improper temperatures. And storing the raw beef and liver next to the ranch made a final calculation for inspectors, 17 demerits.

Grandy's off of Beckham in Tyler had mold in their ice machine and trays not being properly washed. Inspectors also noted for the second time, damaged baseboards and missing tiles on the floor,if not fixed, the restaurant will have a permit suspension. Totaling 19 demerits.

The Market off of Hwy 110 in Whitehouse had leftovers with no date marking on them, and they also had inadequate handwashing problems. Total demerits 19.

Lindale's Subway off of CR 472 had a bag of onions sitting on the floor next to the hand sink, and no certified food manager was on site during the whole inspection. A number of foods were stored in wrong temperatures. 19 demerits.

Inspectors noticed employees at the Donut Palace off of Beckham in Tyler handle glazed donuts with their bare hands. They also observed no soap or towels next to three different hand sinks. Their cappuccino machine had a build up of food debris, calculating a total of 20 demerits.

A Longview McDonald's, off of Loop 281, made the list this week. Cheese and yogurt were found in too warm of temperatures, and food trays were stored on dish rack with dried crusty food residue. Total demerits: 22

Bernard Mediterranean off of Grande in Tyler had a moldy ice machine. Inspectors also saw that the raw beef was stored above the sliced vegetables. Total 22 demerits

Coyoacan Mexican Restaurant off of FM 2493 in Tyler had employees storing their personal drinks on the food prep table. All food service employees are being asked to be sent to a basic food safety class this month. Total demerits 24

Restaurante Garibaldy off of Erwin in Tyler had an employee handle tortilla chips with bare hands. They also had several food items stored in bad temperatures. Total demerits: 25

Inspectors saw a baker handle food with bare hands at Donut Palace off of Old Jacksonville Highway in Tyler. Also employees were instructed to remove their personal items that were on the prep tables, and jewelry around their wrists. Total demerits: 27

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